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Double Down by the Beach

Take your branding to a whole new level with our fabulous fast-drying towel range which includes sand-free beach towels in a handy little carry pouch, microfiber towels and work-out sweat towels, also in a cute little pouch.  Great quick-drying swag for on the go.  

The Beach Towels

Our custom beach towels are available in two fabrics.  We offer a smooth sand-free fabric beach towel that comes in a handy carry pouch and we offer a fuzzy microfiber fabric beach towel.  The towels measure 30" x 60" or  75 x 150cm, and are machine washable.

The Mini Sweat Towels

Our mini sweat towels are a lightweight cooling towel fabric and great for drying the face after a hard work out.  Completely customisable, measuring 12" x 35" or  30 x 90cm and packaged in a cute carry pouch.

Custom mini sweat towel
Double Down Sand Free Microsuede Beach T
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